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Development of food safety management systems according to HACCP

НАССР система за управление безопасността на храните – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points  – Анализ на опасностите и контрол на критичните точки

НАССР – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

HACCP system can and should be applied in all parts of the food chain in:

  • Production of agricultural products and animal feed;
  • Production of food, animal feed and additives;
  • Preparation and processing of food and animal feed;
  • Distribution of food and animal feed;
  • Wholesale and retail of food and animal feed;
  • Transport and storage of food and animal feed;
  • Restaurants and other catering establishments;
  • Food processing at the consumer.

The main benefits of implementing and maintaining a working HACCP system are:

  • Better opportunities when participating in tenders;
  • Meeting the food safety criteria of key customers and partner organizations;
  • Improving organization's reputation;
  • Increased customer satisfaction;
  • Effective planning of food safety management system resources;
  • Continual improvement of management system
  • Обединяване на принципите за системно управление на безопасността на хранителни продукти с принципите на НАССР;
  • Constant control over products and services related to food safety;
  • Better management risks related to food safety;
  • Improving the management of good hygiene and production practices that the organization maintains and applies;
  • Decrease of costs of food safety;
  • Effective communication with all interested parties in the food chain in terms of food safety issues;
  • Improving the organization's response to a food incident related to product for which the organization is part of the food chain;
  • Better organization's response in case of emergency situations that may lead to a risk to food safety.

НАССР can be applied by organizations both independently and in integrated management system combined with standards, such as ISO 9001ISO 22000, IFS Food, BRC, ISO 39001 and others.